A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

DiggyDingDong is a game in which you have to use the power of your dick to slap enemies. But be careful, some of them are faster, some of them have a thicker skin.

You can either try your best in survival mode, where you have to dick-slap as many enemies as possible before you die. The more you kill, the longer and thicker your dick gets.

Or try the sandbox mode, where you can fiddle around with your dick and change its properties as you like.

Please understand, that this game in no way represents my feelings towards other human beings and that this game was created by a spontaneous and stupid thought I had while daydreaming.


DiggyDingDong_win32 10 MB
DiggyDingDong_win64 12 MB
DiggyDingDong_mac 24 MB

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